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You no what..

Sometimes I wish I looked like a total beast. I actually wish I was fat and had leathery skin and gammy Teeth because at least if someone flirted with me then or wanted sex I’d know they wanted me coz they love me and find my brain sexy not my body. I’d rather be single for ages and find someone that loves me for me than have loads of male attention my whole life and get used for sex


So, I got a package delivered by the world´s best delivery service (owned by equally awesome kabuxouji) few days ago! Inside, there was the thick Kadokawa guide book for CTANW and my 2nd copy of the game.

The guide is over 700 pages and almost 2,5x thicker than RF4’s perfect guide. But, it was really fun skimming through the whole book. There are quite some things that I learned from there, like how you can check your FP level with townspeople by pressing L, requirements for each type of confessions (I thought Menou was glitched when she kept on ignoring my after-refusal-confession, turned out I still haven´t gift her enough), how you need to get all country traders to remodel your house (pffftttt), how each character has their own favorite designs/themes, secret conversations (like sleeptalks and late night convo with your spouse) and the ‘new game +’ feature you can do after you’ve unlocked all traders. 

But, my favorite parts are probably the pictures for the pets appearance and furnitures/floorings/wallpappers you can make. They´re being a great help to decide how I want  to design my house and plan my pets. The tiny bits about the character written in their profile and trivia columns were fun-read as well. So, even though I still use the wiki for most of the time (because you can go CTRL+F and use search function there, lol), I´m still super glad I bought this guide! :D


Anonymous asked:

For someone that in a 'abusive' relationship. You are very open about it.

I tried bottling up my emotions and it don’t work. So I vent how I feel here on tumblr and if y’all don’t like it you can just unfollow and leave me alone

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